How To Teach Vocabulary

Author: Scott Thornbury
Collection: How To Teach
Subject: Methodology

ISBN: 978-0-5824-2966-6
Copyright: 2002

Retail price: $53.95
Number of pages: 186
Format: Hardback

This book is a practical guide for teachers who wish to develop their skills and learn about recent developments in this important area. It includes a description of how words are learned, a guide to useful sources of vocabulary for classroom use, approaches to testing and presenting and consolidating vocabulary knowledge, and a Task File of photocopiable training tasks. 

Scott Thornbury

Scott Thornbury is from New Zealand originally but he started his teaching career in the UK in 1975. Since then he has lived and worked in both Egypt and Spain, teaching, training teachers, and writing materials. In 1991 Scott did an MA in TEFL at the University of Reading. He has written a number of books about language teaching (including How to Teach Grammar and How to Teach Vocabulary), as well as lots of articles for journals and magazines (such as Modern English Teacher and English Teaching Professional). Scott has also given conference presentations at conferences in six different continents. At present Scott lives in Barcelona.

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