Develop English fluency with the Avenues series, conceived specifically for low-beginner to high-intermediate students in an academic context. Written by Lynne Gaetz, author of the successful Open series, Avenues provides a vast selection of texts, extensive practice, and solid strategies and tips to help students become more comfortable in English.

Author: Lynne Gaetz
Subject: Block A, EAP, Grammar, Integrated Skills
Level: From Beginner to High-Intermediate
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Your roadmap to excellent English skills

Avenues includes:

  • an extensive selection of high-interest reading, listening and watching texts, including additional texts online with self-grading activities, to provide students with plenty of practice;
  • revising and editing strategies to help students become more autonomous when producing texts;
  • solid support with Vocabulary Boosts and Pronunciation Tips, as well as Writing Workshops with step-by-step instructions to develop students’ production skills;
  • effective reading strategies with online exercises to assist students with reading comprehension;
  • coverage of grammar related to themes studied in the skills books to help students avoid common grammar errors;
  • speaking and writing activities that expose students to grammar concepts through a communicative approach in the grammar books.

Available with My eLab

My eLab for students, available with Avenues skills and grammar books, gives students extra practice opportunities:

  • additional reading exercises based on the readings in the chapters;
  • extra readings with comprehension questions for extra practice;
  • vocabulary exercises to test vocabulary covered in the chapters;
  • all listening and watching segments from the skills books with additional exercises;
  • extra listening and watching segments with accompanying exercises;
  • a special reading strategies folder with tips and exercises.

My eLab helps teachers to track students’ progress through a user-friendly gradebook, which displays grades for each activity. All grades are easily exported in standard formats, allowing teachers to use them as they see fit.

My eLab also includes:

  • formal reading tests based on new readings;
  • formal listening tests based on new audio segments;
  • speaking and writing evaluation grids.

Combine Avenues skills and grammar books with My eLab and maximize practice opportunities!

Lynne Gaetz

Lynne Gaetz has a BA in English literature from the University of Calgary, a teaching diploma with an ESL/English focus from McGill University, a MA in English literature from Concordia University, and an additional college teaching diploma from the University of Sherbrooke. Lynne’s writing career began in 1996, and since then, she has published several English as Second language series for Pearson Canada, such as the Open series and Goals, as well as a developmental English series for Pearson US.

In her twenties, Lynne backpacked extensively around Europe and Asia. Over the years, she has frequently visited Mexico. She also visits colleges and universities in Canada and the US to meet with teachers. In her spare time, Lynne dabbles in art and home repairs, and has not yet lost a finger. Cooking is not one of her passions, but eating good chocolate is.

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