Great ideas to end the school year on a high note!

By: Pearson ERPI

June 13, 2018

The end of the school year is fast approaching! Maybe some of your students (or yourself!) have already started counting down the days left before summer vacation. Sure there’s excitement in the air, but despite all the tests and the fatigue, this time is as important as the beginning of...

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Une trousse bien remplie pour finir l’année scolaire en beauté!

By: Pearson ERPI

May 25, 2018

L’année scolaire tire à sa fin, l’excitation des vacances qui approchent se fait sentir, un certain stress peut aussi s’emparer des élèves, et des enseignants, alors que les évaluations, les corrections et le dernier bulletin pointent le bout de leur nez.

Pas de panique! La fin de...

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10 trucs pour diminuer votre temps de correction

By: Pearson ERPI en collaboration avec Stéphane Côté

May 24, 2018

Tout bon prof doit consacrer plusieurs fois par semaine, par mois, par année du temps à la correction. Alors je me suis dit que puisque j’étais pour passer autant de temps à cette tâche, aussi bien devenir plus efficace. Je vous propose donc 10 trucs «non-TIC» pour diminuer votre temps...

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Blended learning strategy for elementary teaching

By: Katie Meehan in collaboration with Pearson ERPI

May 11, 2018

The 21st century classroom has no walls – thanks to the Internet, teachers with access to computers, smartphones and tablets can immerse their students in a world of fascinating videos, games, facts and creativity.

Blended learning is far more than just a combination of print and digital...

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More than just projecting: discover how to make better use of your digital components!

By: Alexandra Coutlée

May 11, 2018

Back in the day, teachers purchased a big teacher’s guide that contained all of the pages from the student’s book and also some extra handouts to be photocopied. Forgot the teacher’s guide at home? Too bad, it would have to wait. And if your school already purchased a teacher’s guide...

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How can I help my students acquire field-related vocabulary that is relevant and meaningful to them?

By: Andy Van Drom

April 13, 2018

Vocabulary acquisition in a B-block course is very much a double-edged sword. When I started teaching field-related English, I expected vocabulary to be a nonissue. After all, in a class where students are supposed to work on field-specific topics, focusing the selection of salient...

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How can I help my students to become more confident and autonomous language learners and users?

By: Andy Van Drom

April 12, 2018

Students and teachers alike agree on the fact that language learning is not an undertaking that begins and ends in a classroom, but a lifelong endeavour. If, as teachers, we want to meet the ministerial objectives of preparing our students to communicate in English in study and...

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How Do You Argue about Beliefs, Facts, and Opinions?

By: Dr. Ken Beatty

April 09, 2018

It’s a trick question! Students often have a hard time understanding that they can’t really argue about beliefs, and can only use facts to support an argument. As for opinions, they can only argue about valid opinions

Why, and what is the difference between the terms? 

Beliefs are...

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My eLab Tip: How do I copy a class that I have modified?

By: Pearson ELT

March 22, 2018

My eLab Tips

Ever wondered how to copy in your My eLab account the content of a class that was previously modified? 

Well, it is simple! 
When creating your new class, just follow these two steps:

STEP 1: Copy the class you wish to duplicate as shown in the example below.

STEP 2:...

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Some of my students are in a Springboard program.  How do I make sure they don’t feel left out?

By: Andy Van Drom

March 20, 2018

For as long as I’ve been teaching B-block courses, every term, on the first day of class, at least one student inevitably raises the following question: How can I work on field-specific content and tasks if I do not yet “have” a field? 

Students in so-called Springboard programs often...

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