On track

Through exciting themes and an effective approach to second language acquisition, On Track motivates students and provides them with the tools they need to develop competency in English.

Auteurs: Alexandra Coutlée, Sonia Egron, Sophie Giroux, Sophie Joannette
Discipline: Anglais langue seconde
Niveau Québec: 3e secondaire

Lead your students to success!

Spark your students’ interest

Appealing themes such as “Interactive Adventures,” “CSI,” and “Pushing Limits” will get your students on board for English class. It’s much easier to help students progress in their learning when they’re motivated.

Improve students’ grammar? Yes, you can!

With more than 120 pages devoted exclusively to grammar, On Track ensures that students study specific structures, practise them in varied types of exercises and then reinvest them in open-ended writing tasks. Grammar activities are also integrated in the theme-based units so that students see structures in context. On Track has everything students need to understand grammar and to apply it effectively in writing and speaking tasks.

Get content that’s within students’ reach yet challenging

On Track features texts made accessible through the use of high-frequency words and specific preparation tasks. The material also includes watching and listening activities that help students understand authentic media texts. Text models and a step-by-step approach to final tasks offer support for writing. More structured options for all oral-interaction tasks ensure even weaker students can interact orally. Meanwhile, stronger students will find writing and speaking challenges in the Go Further sections. All the content is geared toward supporting students in their learning, building their self-confidence and ensuring they can all benefit from the material, whatever their level.

Get materials that fit your teaching style

Maybe you like to start with your favourite theme and integrate grammar and writing activities when the time is right? Or maybe you prefer to teach grammar explicitly and then have students apply what they have learned in a theme-based context? On Track offers you the flexibility you need to make the right choices for your class and for your teaching style.

Get your students on track with this new series!

Alexandra Coutlée

Alexandra Coutlée has been teaching ESL at the secondary level for over ten years. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in TESL from McGill University and has continued her education in both literature and educational technology. She is a co-author of The Grammar Guide. She currently teaches Second Cycle ESL at École secondaire des Hauts-Sommets in Saint-Jérôme.

Sonia Egron

Sonia Egron has taught ESL and EESL at the secondary and CEGEP levels at Collège international Marie de France for over five years. She recently obtained her MA from McGill University.

Sophie Giroux

Sophie Giroux started her career working as a high school counsellor in the Oasis / detention room for five years. Helping students with their English homework inspired her to go on to obtain her bachelor’s degree in TESL from Concordia University. She has taught ESL in Secondary 4 and 5 (core and enriched) at École secondaire Mont-Royal for the last seven years.

Sophie Joannette

Sophie Joannette has been teaching ESL in the Hautes-Rivières school board since 2002. She also taught English in Japan for two years. She studied TESL at McGill University, completed a certificate in English literature and is now working on her master’s degree in education. She is a co-author of The Grammar Guide. She is currently teaching Secondary 5 core and enriched ESL at Joséphine-Dandurand school, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

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