University Success

University Success is a new academic skills series designed to equip transitioning English learners with the reading, writing, and oral communication skills necessary to succeed in courses in an English-speaking university setting. The course carefully scaffolds skill development to help students successfully work with challenging and engaging authentic content provided by top professors in their academic fields.

Auteurs: Robyn Brinks Lockwood, Maggie Sokolik, Lawrence Zwier
Discipline: Listening and Speaking, Reading, Writing

Preparing students to thrive in a university setting

University Success integrates a three-part developmental approach. Authentic content woven through all three strands provides intensive skill development and expanded application—essential for students to become confident and successful in a university setting.


Series organization: Three strands

This three-strand series, Reading, Writing, and Oral Communication, includes five distinct content areas: the Human Experience, Money and Commerce, the Science of Nature, Arts and Letters, and Structural Science, all popular fields of study among English language learners. The three strands are fully aligned across content areas and skills, allowing teachers to utilize material from different strands to support learning. Teachers can delve deeply into skill development in a single skill area, or provide additional support materials from other skill areas for richer development across the four skills.


The University Success approach : An authentic experience

This blended program combines the utility of an interactive student book, online learner lab, and print course to create a flexible approach that adjusts to the needs of teachers and learners. The skill-based and step-by-step instruction helps students master essential skills and become confident and successful in their ability to perform in academic-degree-bearing courses taught in English. Students at this level need to engage with content that provides the same challenges faced by native speakers in a university setting. Many English language learners are not prepared for the quantity of reading andwriting required in college-level courses, nor are they properly prepared to listen to full-length lectures that have not been scaffolded for them. These learners, away from the safety of an ESL classroom, must keep up with the rigors of a class led by a professor who may be unaware of the challenges a second-language learner faces. University Success steps up to the podium to represent academic content realistically with the appropriate skill development and scaffolding essential for English language learners to be successful.




  • Rigorous academic preparation scaffolded with systematic skill development that English language learners require.
  • Authentic content, including full-length lectures and challenging readings expertly created by top professors from Stanford University, provides real-life learning experiences.
  • A blended approach combining an online learner lab and print course creates a flexible program that adjusts to the needs of teachers and students.
  • Strategies for academic success and soft skills delivered via online videos help students cope with the challenges of academic study and college culture.
  • MyEnglishLab includes comprehensive teacher support, including suggestions for flipped classroom ideas, a course planner to help in lesson planning, an assessment package, and an easy-to-use online learning management system offering tools to monitor student progress.


Teacher support

Each of the three strands is supported with:

  • Comprehensive downloadable teaching notes in MyEnglishLab that detail key points for all of the specialized academic content in addition to tips and suggestions for teaching skills and strategies
  • An easy-to-use online learning management system offering a flexible gradebook and tools for monitoring student progress
  • Audioscripts, videoscripts, answer keys, and word lists to help in lesson planning and follow-up
Robyn Brinks Lockwood

Robyn Brinks Lockwood teaches courses in spoken and written English at Stanford University in the English for Foreign Students graduate program and is the program education coordinator of the American Language and Culture undergraduate summer program. She is an active member of the international TESOL organization, serves as chairperson of the Publishing Professional Council, and is a past chair of the Materials Writers Interest Section. She is a frequent presenter at TESOL regional and international conferences. She has edited and written numerous textbooks, online courses, and ancillary components for ESL courses and TOEFL preparation.

Maggie Sokolik

Maggie Sokolik holds a BA in anthropology from Reed College, and an MA in romance linguistics and a PhD in applied linguistics from UCLA. She is the author of over 20 ESL and composition textbooks.

Lawrence Zwier

Lawrence J. Zwier is an associate director of the English Language Center, Michigan State University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI, and an MA in TESL from the University of Minnesota. He has taught ESL/EFL at universities in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, and the United States. He is the author of numerous ELT textbooks, mostly about reading and vocabulary, and also writes nonfiction books about history and geography for middle school and high school students.

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